Governmental Projects

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Claims Response for Regional, State, and National Government

When a natural disaster or catastrophic event occurs, government agencies are often overwhelmed with the disaster recovery process.  Coast2Coast’s government project managers are available to assist with everything from onsite inspections to program management and guideline development. By outsourcing these critical tasks to professional adjusters, government entities can focus their time and energy on serving the public.

Coast2Coast’s government project managers assist a wide variety of government agencies. This includes school districts, educational facilities, city governments, board of supervisors, state ports, the national government, and more.

Experts in STEP, CDBG, HRV, BCA, and Other FEMA Programs

The size and complexity of government projects require the expertise of a skilled professional adjuster. Our government project managers have years of experience aiding government entities with disaster recovery. Our crew has been working with FEMA and HUD programs consistently since Hurricane Rita in 2005.

Recently, our government project managers wrote the Standard Operating Procedures for most of the operations department of the FEMA STEP Program for Puerto Rico. We also trained the inspectors and file reviewers and guided teams of contractor liaisons. In addition, our team of project managers led the quality control and assurance team and handled the inspectors’ daily schedules.

This was the largest FEMA STEP program to date. During the process, our team handled over 2,500 files per day and, at the peak of the program, managed 1,200 employees.

Working with a Government Project Manager   

We offer consultations to government entities who wish to proactively seek guidance and direction regarding disaster recovery issues.