4 Important Reasons to Hire a Public Adjuster

You may have heard that a public adjuster can help you with an insurance claim – but is it really necessary? Does a public adjuster make a difference in your settlement, or does it just complicate things?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re not alone. After suffering a major property damage, most people feel overwhelmed and aren’t quite sure what to do next. Here’s a closer look at four reasons to hire a public adjuster, so you can decide for yourself whether it’s right for you.

1. They Advocate for You

Even though you pay your insurance company, they’re not really on your side. When you make a claim, they’ll send an adjuster out to evaluate your property damage. However, this person works for them, and their goal is to pay you as little as possible.

When you hire a public adjuster, they work for you. This professional has your best interests in mind and will help ensure you receive the payment you have coming to you.

2. They’re Experienced and Educated

Public adjusters typically have years of experience dealing with insurance claims. They know the ins and outs of insurance policies and know exactly what they need to submit to expedite your claim and get you a fair settlement.

Public adjusters also use cutting-edge software to evaluate the value of property loss. In addition, they know how to negotiate with insurance companies. When an insurance company knows you’ve hired a public adjuster, they often won’t waste time with low-ball offers.

3. They’ll Help Maximize Your Settlement

Since public adjusters know what to look for, they often find additional damage that property owners didn’t notice. Many public adjusters have experience in the construction industry, so they know what can be repaired and what needs to be replaced – and how much it’s actually going to cost. This knowledge and experience can help reduce your out-of-pocket costs and maximize your total property insurance settlement.

4. There’s No Emotional Attachment

When you’re dealing with a property loss, it’s easy to feel upset, anxious, and stressed. At some point, you may just decide you just want it over and done with so you can get back to your normal life. This can cause you to make mistakes or make poor decisions.

Since a public adjuster has no emotional attachment to the property, they can give you impartial advice and help you avoid making common mistakes. This will often help you receive more for your claim.

Ready to Hire a Public Adjuster?

Now that you’re aware of some of the most important benefits of hiring a public adjuster, you may wonder how to find one. Well, you’re in the right place! We have years of experience helping property owners settle their claims and get what they deserve. Contact us today to learn more and get started. 

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