Is a Private Adjuster the Same as a Public Adjuster?

If you’ve heard the term “private adjuster,” you might have wondered what it means, and how it’s different from a “public adjuster.”

This is a common question with a simple answer. They both mean the same thing!

A private adjuster, also called a public adjuster, is a professional insurance claims adjuster who works for property owners, rather than for the insurance company. When you hire a private adjuster licensed by the State Department of Insurance, this person has the ability to legally represent your rights during the claims process.

What Does a Private Adjuster Do?

When you hire a public adjuster, they’ll determine the actual value of your loss and help you with your insurance claim. This is typically done through a five-step process.

  1. Inspect your property for damage following an accident or a natural disaster
  2. Evaluate the extent of the damage, including what needs to be replaced vs. what can be repaired
  3. Create estimates for your loss, including damage to structures, equipment, inventory, and other items located inside the damaged property
  4. Assist you with gathering appraisers’ statements, receipts, and other documentation needed for your claim
  5. Communicating and negotiating with your insurance company to reach a fair settlement for your claim

Private adjusters can help with a wide variety of property insurance claims. This includes wind damage, natural disasters, flooding, fires, smoke damage, and more. They can also evaluate and assist with other types of claims related to property damage, such as the loss of business revenue.

Do I Need a Private Adjuster?

If you’re considering filing a property insurance claim or you’ve already started one, it’s a good idea to think about hiring a public adjuster. This is especially true if you’ve suffered major damage and your claim is for a high amount.

Even if you’re confident about how much your loss is worth, it can’t hurt to get a second opinion. Many times, property owners are shocked to learn that their initial estimate is far lower than it should be. Taking the time to get an evaluation from a private adjuster will give you peace of mind and could help you avoid filing a claim for far too little.

By helping you submit an accurate, detailed report, your public adjuster can also expedite the claims process and help maximize your settlement.

Looking for a Public Adjuster? We Can Help!

If you’re dealing with a property claim, it makes sense to protect yourself. Hiring a public adjuster can help ensure you receive the insurance money you have coming to you.

Still not sure? Give us a call! We’re happy to answer all your questions so you can confidently decide whether hiring a public adjuster is right for you.

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